Chimeras and legends of a precious wood :
Oud Wood

Preciosity :
this wood resin is one of the most expensive in the world

Unusual Scent : sensuous and animal notes, with a touch of incense
for exoticism and sensuality

A perfume of legend : Oud is the perfume of One Thousand and One

The Oud comes from the South East of Asia and India (Oudh is a city in the 
center of India where this tree grows),and the tree’s name is Aquilaria.

tree is often infected by a variety of mushrooms which produce an aromatic 
perfumed resin with very subtle fragrances.

  • Geranium from Egypt - Pimento - Blue Camomile
  • Atlas Cedar - Saffron - Myrrh
  • Cypriol - Labdanum - Patchouli - Vetiver - Oud

Oud d'Angkor